In New York City

 Oh boy. It all makes for good material, right?

The Last Meal

New Kid on the Block

Shortcut Sesame-Spinach Salad

Enormous Potential

A Good Story

Change [and Cake]

The Rigidity of It All

A Personal Ad

The Road Not Taken

Clear and Unclear

Exit Strategies 

Cake vs. Pie

The Best Bakery in NYC

Learning and Leaning

Dear Little Girl in the Photograph

Memory Lane

Hope’s Disappointment

Post A Secret

What Now

Two Weeks Notice

Backup Arrangements

The Reject Pile

The Pause Button

I Have A Friend

Maybe Next Year

Next Steps

Rent-Free Living

Dance With Me

Tough Love and More Pie

A New Launch

Destined for Soup

Down and Up

Something of a Snob

Your Best Interests

The 3 Hardest Things to Say

You Just Write What’s True

No Carb Left Behind

A Soft Place to Land

Two Years Too Early

Failure, Part II

Foods I Try Not to Eat

The Tip of the Iceberg

The Space Between

I Wrote This for You

Dear Diary, or Close Enough

Suggested Itineraries

One Is Odd, Two Is Even

Networking 101

Plan B

Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

3 AM Thoughts

You’re Invited

Not Just Yet

Dead End

Thin Skin

One and the Same

The Girl in Apartment 15


Stretch Marks

Miracle of Miracles

In Case of Emergency

Notes from a Card Table Desk

In the Mostly Dark

The Next Hopeful

The Way Forward

Too Long and Too Loud

Something Worth Saving

Almost Adult

A Late Bloomer

Going, Going, Gone

Square Hole, Round Peg

The Things We Crave

Propel Me Across the Country Pie

Slightly Stumped

Cards on the Table

For an Introvert

Closer to the Ground

Let Me Do That

Have MetroCard, Will Travel

Out of Order

Why So Glum, Sugar Plum?

Around the Clock

Coffee and Quiet

The Trouble with Sunday

In Defense of NYC

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