In Transition

Things I’ve picked up, mostly the hard way, on my way to I’m-Not-Exactly-Sure-Where.

Life Lessons: Part I

Life Lessons: Part II

Life Lessons: Part III

Life Lessons: Part IV

Life Lessons: Part V

Life Lessons: Part VI

Mending My Metabolism

IIFYM: To Good To Be True?

Lifting Heavy, Staying Small

A Rookie Mistake

Redefining Re-Feeds

Run [A Little], Lift [A Lot]

Forty French Dishes

Navigating the Ordinary: Heartbreak

The Vulnerable Things

Things Happy People Know


Your Top Five

A Lot Like You

Independent Study

Stretch Marks

The Middle Part

You Have One New Message

Still Running

The Scenic Route

Bridging the Gap

Just Going to Enjoy

The Good Stuff

Increasing the Odds

No Easy Choice

Paradise (and Patience)

The Strategic Crop

Edit Undo

Love, Lately

Somewhere There Is Someone

All the Red Flags

We, Us, Ours

Same Sun Here

Anything Raw, Anything Real

The Six of Us

Panic in Portland

Grown and Not Grown

The Best Staged Plans

Another Love Story

A New Normal

Stuff and Things

Best Kept Secrets

A Life or a Living

Thumb’s Up, Thumb’s Down

In the Meantime

Putting It Down

The Point of No Return

Spoiler Alert

Stage Three

The Usual Way

Kiss Her Quiet

Dream On, Dreamer

A Good Adventure

About Tonight

Dig, Dig, Dig


Six Seagulls

Wishing Bones

Dear Daughter

Maine Memo

Someday Soon

Chasing Likes

Life List

All or Nothing

More, More, More

The Little Red Desk

A Master List

Nine Times out of Ten

Swimming at Sea

What Trust Looks Like

Enjoy Pie

Twenty Something (and Trying)

The Quick Goodbye

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