In Portland West

This is a new chapter. It’s going to have a little bit of book proposal mixed in the middle, I think. No promises. But I can assure you that I’ll never be away for too long, and there’s going to be a rather large slice of What-Have-We-Done Cake, very soon. (Maybe two slices? We’re already throwing caution to the wind, after all.)

Wherever You Go

Unconventional and Ill-Advised

Hashtag No Filter

Just Right

Two Truths and a Lie

Mom, the Muffins

Yours, Mine, Ours

New York, New York

Not-now, Not-ever

Apple of My Eye

Just Between You and Me: Who Are You Writing About?

Doll Person

Three Down and Four Across

Strategic Steps

A Skeptic Goes to Yoga

Small Joys

Second Thoughts

A Rule, Broken

Survival Secrets

Special Snowflake

Beauty, Borrowed 

Bear Hugs

47 Questions 

More Pretty

No Question Mark

Field Notes


Less Online, More in Life 

An Open Invitation

Craving, Currently

Tomato Innards

Maybe Maine


In the Clouds

The Story You’re In

Crooked Beauty

Letters I Won’t Send: #5

Talk Before Sleep

The Small Side of Normal

Giant Hugs, X’s and O’s

Sixty Conversation Starters, Choose One

The Longer I Look

New Pants

Listen Close

Pretty Protests

Things I am Taking Too Long to Learn

Lonely Now

Arrow Meet Heart

Beauty and Terror

Wind, Chiming

With a Little Help from My Friends

Little Houses, Big Dreams

The Size of a Fist

Pigeon Pose

After the War

Hazardous Material

Six Months to a Year from Now

Keep It Simple, Keep It Honest, Keep It Coming

Never Again, Rice Cakes

Survival Skills

Little Light Bulbs

The Ache in the Empty

Happy, Healthy Humans


If You Want to Get Warm

Woman in Progress

No Pressure

Midnight Peck

Shower the People You Love with Love

For the Hurting Hearts, Roll Up Your Sleeves

Wildly and Dangerously Free

Never Mind


Catch and Release

Bare Feet Swinging

Bigger Bandwidth


Seven Years of Experience

Volume XXIV

Maps: Past, Present, Future

Hip Hip Hooray

Bad Hair, Great List



All of It, Everything

Honey Off a Thorn

Timid Motions of a Fragile Heart

No Contest

Everything Unconditional

A Hug and an Extra Squeeze

Now Tell Me You

Check in Again Later


Ready Set Go

Are We in Or Are We out, Oregon

Four Dollars and Change

Right Turns

Captain Suave

If You’re Brave Enough to Start

Penny for Your Thoughts

January to June

Criss Cross

X Marks the Spot

One Wednesday

Bits and Pieces

Next Time

Be in Beta

Twenty Minutes Straight

Alright with Me


Saved by the Bell

A Smudge on the Cheek

For All Intents and Purposes

Re: Hi

A Thousand Fatal Flaws

Bit by Burning Bit

Five Feet, Four Inches

Ribbon Candy

Ready or Not

Hi, Hey, Hello

A Backwards Glance

Tea Lights


Stops and Starts

Sources Say Yes


Pep Talk #900

If, If, If

Parts of a True Story

A Tangle or Ten

Umbrellas Out

Drip, Drip, Drip

Room 404

The Nicest Word There Is

Back and Forth

Gentle Indifference

Within Reach

Must Love Fog

Atlas Shrugged

Exactly Where We’re Stuck

The Best Possible Chance

A Game of Tetris

Week 1

The Cupboard Marked Important

Struggle City

A Deliberate Deep Breath

Pearls on a String

Now to Dinner


My Best and Only Girl

Monkey in the Middle

Red Light, Green Light

Shifting Sand

Permission to Come Back

Gray Areas

Direct Message

Day Jobs

Sound Bites Circle-Sticking

Still Typing

You Don’t Know When You Start

Over and Next

Atlas in My Lap

A Built-In Progress Bar

Still and Again

A Different Choice

Leaps and Bounds

Sideways Scribbles

Anatomy of the Lady I’d Like to Be

Now, Not When

Seismic Shifts 

Pants On/Off

Collateral Beauty

Grade A Effort

Rest Here

To Be Determined

Three Good Signs

Gone Hiking

Tiny Shorts and Tiramisu

Size 72 Font

Little Card, Big Hug

Black and Blue

Good Talk

In Here and Out There

A Few Good Sentences

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