Umbrellas Out

My dad is not the most expressive person on the planet. We don’t say I love you when we hang up the phone. We say talk soon. I send my emails off with an x and an o, and I know not to expect more than a simple D-A-D, tapped out with his index finger, in return. I can nearly hear the keyboard from here.


But I know he loves me. I know because he gave me a very heavy hammer, a Phillips screwdriver, a bunch of nails and some kind of Craftsman wrench when I moved out west. I know because when there’s too much emotion and he doesn’t know what to do, he tells me all I have to do is say the word, and he’ll be waiting on the curb with a turkey sandwich and a U-Haul truck. I know because of the way he says my name — Han if things are fine, Hannie if he’s worried about me — and because of the way he takes a minute to check my weather report, every single morning.


Let’s talk about this week’s weather, shall we?

Sunday night: Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near an inch.

Monday: Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall possibly over 1 inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.

Tuesday/Tuesday night: Chance of rain 100%. 1 to 2 inches of rain expected.

Wednesday/Wednesday night: Showers in the evening will evolve into a more steady rain overnight. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near a quarter of an inch.

Thursday: Cloudy with periods of rain. Chance of rain 90%. Rainfall near a half an inch.


Our 5-day forecast is looking G-O-O-D, wouldn’t you say? But it’s okay. Today’s looking a little brighter than yesterday. Are you relieved? Me too. I’m enjoying the pause button I decided to put on getting so well acquainted with all of my crazy.

I think what I need, besides a turkey sandwich with arugula and fig jam and fancy 5-year Gouda cheese, is a hobby.

At the moment, I have six genuine hobbies. Reading, writing, sending snail mail, exercising (lifting, hiking, very moderate amounts of running, miscellaneous HIIT workouts), cooking, and checking out new restaurants/coffee shops. Photography might be a seventh, but I’ve been doing less of that ever since I decided it might be nice to do things for fun and not for Instagram.


I wonder what YOU do for fun. What you would say your hobbies are. I need your help — I’m only ten minutes away from resorting to Google.

So far the thing that seems most appealing (and, okay, cost-effective) is adult coloring. It’s supposed to be good for your brain, and it might be fun to frame a few of them and start building a gallery wall.

I’m also really interested in, or at least attracted to, handlettering. It might be fun to use one of the thousands of quotes I’ve saved over the years and make a pretty print.

I also really like the idea of growing more plants, but gardening on any kind of real scale is sort of out, due to the whole living-in-a-studio-apartment situation. Someday. Someday, someday.


If money were no object: I’d sign up for a ceramics class (because I want to be able to make things like this!), and also possibly a candle making class. I haven’t the first clue how to make a candle.

I made a valiant effort to get into knitting, or at least drum up some enthusiasm for the thought (I like cozy things! I like curling up on the couch!), but nothing. Zero actual intrigue. Same for watercolor painting and puzzles, and those deceptively impossible hair tutorials seemingly all over the Internet.


It’s hard for me to think of hobbies that aren’t food or exercise related. When I ask myself what I’d really like to go learn all about, the answer is: cheese pairings. Or single origin chocolates. Or sourdough starters. Or how to make a really exceptional tomato sauce. Or salsa. Or savory onion jam!

When I ask myself what I’d really like to go do, I think: well, I’d like to go cross-country skiing. I’d like to give snowshoeing a shot. I’d like to try rock climbing. I’d like to take up yoga again. I’d like to join an indoor soccer league, or some other kind of intramural sport.

Mostly I just want to pick something that I can’t wind up doing alone, in a coffee shop. And it’d be good if it didn’t involve a screen. I like taking in the sights and sounds inside for a little while, but then it’d be good to get out, I think. It’d be good to get out a little more.


{That PNW house via @ofwildstheart, dreary boardwalk via @young.seeker, latte via @bryanschiele, backyard via @mrtommyblades, Lake Wenatchee State Park via @bertymandagie, coast trail via @ioegreer — all on Instagram.}


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