Second Thoughts

Let’s talk about new cities. I’m in a new city, and it’s sort of, you know…yikes. For lack of a better word. It’s yikes like we have purple hair and we’re as sweet as could be but we don’t really wear pink puffy vests from J.Crew, here.


It’s yikes like our children march right up and order espresso, and is-that-a-local muffin. It’s yikes like our homeless people say good morning and THAT’S COMPOST.

It’s yikes like all shapes and sizes of naked, nude, NO CLOTHES, on a bike. Make that a double decker bike. (Best to avert your eyes!). It’s yikes like we take our skateboarding, if nothing else, really very seriously. (Better watch out!).


It’s yikes like we are hipster but not like any of the hipsters you know. Like Actual Hipster. Like we aren’t in Brooklyn anymore.


It’s yikes like we brunch as a sport, too, but we like to keep it weird. Nope — weirder than that. It’s yikes like don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it…and we’ll be happy to remind you until you do. On billboards, bumper stickers, biceps. Backs of calves.

It’s yikes like so-many-bridges, a different one every time. It’s yikes like is this a bus-only lane, CAREFUL THAT ONE IS ONLY FOR BIKES, and wait where am I supposed to go. It’s yikes like we’d like you to know your stuff, and you clearly don’t, so you’d better read this book back to front. (You’d better read it again.)

unnamed-3 copy

It’s yikes like 50 degrees in the morning, 90 degrees in the afternoon. (Rain then sun, sun then rain. Downpour then Sweating-Sauna!)

It’s yikes like the largest beer festival in North America. And a sickly-sweet smell, on the side streets. In the parks. (Pretty much all the time, in the parks.)

unnamed-2 copy

It’s yikes like I’m trying to embrace it but you’re making me nervous, when you look at me like that. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s just yikes, for a more-conservative-than-she-thought girl, from New England. Yikes like am I ever going to get used to this, yikes.

It’s maybe I should have moved a little closer to the coast?


It’s maybe I’m a little bit of a snob? Like maybe I only like cute up-and-coming? Like a little gritty would be okay — would be good, even — but not, you know, gritty-gritty. Not like this.

Maybe it’s a little late, to be changing my mind. Is that what you’re thinking? That’s what I’m thinking too.

But maybe Portland is just going to be a mixed bag, like NYC was. And maybe there isn’t a single place on the planet that would be just right. Just perfect.

Maybe it’s a little pizza, while we chew on that some more.


P.S. First thoughts.


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