Same Sun Here

I believe in coffee shop kindness, shamelessly siphoned Wi-Fi, and $4 cookies the size of your fist.

I believe in wearing jeans more than once. And sweatshirts, definitely.

I believe in lists of all kinds. Lists full of places to go, movies to watch, books to request, friends to email, birthdays to remember, cakes to bake, recipes to try.

I believe in bread — all kinds of bread. A new one for every day of the week, in a dream world.


I believe in writing things down. In adding a line and then crossing out. In throwing a legal pad clear across a room, and then running to rescue it. I believe in doing whatever you have to do to make the whirring world stand still.

I believe in shooting to be somebody before somebody’s. I believe there is a world of difference packed into that apostrophe s.

I believe there is somebody out there who will make sense for longer than a summer. For longer than all 8 semesters. For longer than an entry-level job. For longer than a certain city.

I believe in just getting up and going. On a run, on a bike ride, on a walk. I believe in notes to self. (Wherever we live next — we’re going to need more than one tree).


I believe in doing the best you can to make wherever you are feel like home. Even if it’s only temporary. And I believe in going home, whenever you have the chance.

I believe in compliments, as long as they’re sincere. As long as they don’t put somebody else down. (That kind of praise — there’s that contest none of us signed up for.)

I believe in lifting weights, in building muscle. Especially if you’re a girl.

I believe in very good weeks and in very bad weeks. I believe the difference lies in the littlest things. The ratio of lacy to cotton things in your laundry basket. The number of times Mom pops up in your outgoing call log. The state of your nails (chewed and chipped, check!).

I believe in afternoon tea “for here.”

I believe in a daily reminder that says people on the Internet are not having as much fun as they look like they’re having. I believe in sharing the dull moments. The lonely meals.


I believe in tooooo much social media.

I believe in sticking your neck out. In asking yourself to stretch just a little more. I also believe in curling yourself up into a tight ball and resting for a little while.

I believe in people who run at different paces. I believe in leaving your watch at home, and letting your legs tell you when you’re tired.

I believe in people who can’t see into the middle of next week, and I believe in people who can see 10 years down the road.

I believe in the occasional grand attempts to cheer yourself up. I believe in putting on your best boots, marching yourself down to the nearest fancy hotel (with comfortable couch), and ordering yourself a very large pizza. (Fig, prosciutto, and balsamic FTW!)


I believe in budgeting, so you can afford to do these types of things. I believe in possibly learning how to budget by completely blowing your budget, the first time around.

I believe in savoring the smallest of scenes. Whenever there’s been an acknowledgment of some kind between complete strangers — whether it’s a look of sympathy or a mirrored exasperation or a flirtatious glance.

I believe in learning to identify the difference between alone and lonely. I believe you can be one and not the other, or both, or neither. Day-depending.

I believe in people staying together and I believe in people saying it’s been a really, really great run. I believe in people that grow together and people that grow apart. I believe in people that love each other all the same.

I believe that part of growing up is accepting that the constants are no longer the constants. I believe that growing up is not all fun and games.

I believe in stopping whatever you’re working on to make lunch. I believe in a warm wrap on a cold day.


I believe in salt. (Chances are, we just need to add some salt.)

I believe in being a cook and a food-that-I-didn’t-have-to-cook-myself enthusiast.

I believe in nicknames — in how freely they’re given. In how natural they become.

I believe in considering your diet in terms of what you can add, not take away. I believe there are a thousand things we should want to be before we want to be thin.

I believe in devoting all of your energy to becoming comfortable in your own skin. In really trying, again and again and again. I believe in taking pictures of yourself, and not hating what you see.


I believe in sitting on the floor with the lights low, while it rains. With your back against the wall and your head resting in the valley between your knees. I believe in going to sit on a bench somewhere, when it’s sunny.

I believe in the heart-eyes emoji.

I believe in letting people move on, even when you want to say wait. I thought you’d wait.

I believe there are a whole lot of ways to tell the same story.

{How many people will wake up lonely today?}


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