Closer to the Ground

Can we talk about our feelings again? You know this is my favorite topic. I want to know how you really feel about the kind of people who chirp Happy Monday! The people who practically sing it, like it’s somebody’s birthday or something, and balloons and cake are imminent?


Do you generally kind of want to punch those people? Particularly when they’ve evidently missed the memo about the cake — your favorite cake? You can be honest. Be honest, and I’ll share my secret stash.


I have to tell you something else. Something else strictly hush-hush. I might be becoming one of those people. One of those people that you want to throttle.

But don’t worry. I won’t actually say Happy Monday, and I WILL have cake. I also promise to keep the exclamation points to a minimum, until after you’ve had your coffee.

I just…I feel like today might actually be a good day. And tomorrow, too. And Wednesday. And then it’ll almost be Friday, which is practically guaranteed to be good. So there is really only one toss-up: Thursday. I like those odds.

Do you know what else I like? I like little bookstores. The kind that is more shop than store. The kind that has plenty of cozy chairs, and no shortage of nice men in cute glasses.

I like whole afternoons in these kinds of places. Particularly when they have cookies for sale. Matcha green tea cookies, to be specific. With wafer-thin pieces of white chocolate, hidden in the middle.


I really love when they have things for sale that surprise me.


But mostly I love discovering new books. Books that just couldn’t be more perfect.


It’s funny though. Now that I know I only have a few weeks left in NYC, my perspective (or attitude? maybe I should say attitude) has done a total 180. I mean, honestly: I’ve been so lucky to have this experience. How many people my age can say they spent a year living 30 seconds from Central Park, and 90 seconds from Levain Bakery?

I’m finding that I feel fond about almost everything, already. Even the things I thought I would never, ever miss. Like the subway. There are some funny signs, on the subway. If you really look.


I hope that copywriter, whoever he/she is, got a big bonus. I hope upgrading to a real mattress became a real possibility, for him/her.

On that note, I almost made it through the entire year on my air mattress, although I did have to buy a new one partway through. I thought I’d be safe with this one until the end, but no such luck. Version 2.0 decided to deflate too — this time rather like a sad soufflé — in the middle of the night last night. Another one bites the dust. I couldn’t help but laugh. I only have a few weeks left, so I’ll just eke it out, a few inches closer to the ground.


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