Independent Study

There’s a holiday coming up — you might have heard. And this is how Pinterest thinks we should celebrate it.

I’m not exactly sure how you feel about Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it. Or are you lukewarm about it? That’d be interesting, too.

I’m not the other half of a reservation for two. Not this year. Meaning: I’m not going to spend tonight frantically rifling through a friend’s closet looking for a red/pink top that he hasn’t seen. I’m not anticipating a special trip to the grocery store, and I don’t plan on getting way in over my head with a really elaborate menu. (Here’s a tip for my future self, though: don’t try making something you can’t pronounce. Also, make this cake.)

This year, I’m not down to 48 hours to find a not-too-cheesy card.

picstitch copy 6

There won’t be any copper buckets full of long-stem roses, or sweet little lanterns to light.

picstitch copy 7

There won’t be sushi for the first time, or a crash course in How To Chopstick.


That’s okay — I’ve been managing just fine without those things. But do you know what I do wish for? I wish for a shoebox rescued from Mom’s closet, and a whole bunch of construction paper, and a slit it took me forever to make. (Lopsided.) I wish for lots and lots of valentines, with strict instructions not to leave anybody out.

I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to seeing how that turns out. But there is something else I’m kind of excited about. It starts with a table for one, and a plate that makes me happy. All year round.

picstitch copy

Once that’s done, we’re going to have a slightly hazardous trek across Central Park. With morning light that only looks warm.

picstitch copy 2

We’re going to watch the sun rise as we hustle along, and try not to get hit by the Crosstown Bus. Wait, why are we not on that bus?!

picstitch copy 3 

We’re going to find a less conspicuous place to change our shoes. And we’re going to be way too early — post shoe exchange and all. So we’re going to just walk around, and try very hard not to freeze. Or loiter. And we’re going to think it looks awfully fancy, over here.

picstitch copy 4

We’re going to realize we have the new-opportunity-butterflies, and we’re going to think those are almost as good as the boy-in-a-button-down-butterflies. Maybe even better. We’ll see.

picstitch copy 5


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