Next Steps

People like to ask about next steps. They might not want to get too close, just in case the whole unemployment thing turns out to be catching, but most are visibly reassured when you have a good answer prepared. They wish you all the best of luck.

Well. While you’re sucking down great gulps of fresh air looking anywhere but me, I’m going to reign in my urge to shout MY LAST STEP ENDED HALF A SECOND AGO!

Of course I’m worried. But I’m also avoiding going where you’re going, at least for a few more days. I’m really, really enjoying this 65 free hours a week thing. I know that’s not what you want to hear, and I promise that I will find something else to throw myself into soon, but for now I only have seven different kinds of toast to offer you.


Will it make you feel better if I told you that I’m a little excited by the possibilities this time around? Because hey, deep breath out, we do have some marketable skills.

Perhaps we should think about opening a bakery. There is something about all of those loaves of bread. Wouldn’t you agree?


Or maybe you’d rather hear about something more realistic. Something we heard about through a friend of a friend. Would it help if we told you it involved moving clear across the country to learn how to make really great cheese? (No, we didn’t think so.)

You mean well — you really do. But we’re not quite sure how to tell you that all we want to work on today is a batch of hot fudge sauce just like Mom’s. Silky smooth and not even the slightest bit sweet. Actually, maybe make that a double batch. This is a good thing to work on! There will be hungry boys home soon. With visions of cake and ice cream dancing in their heads.


Don’t worry; we want to work on dinner too. Dinner is more practical. Does that feel better? We will need to come up with a way to get Dad to eat a furry herb and a not-cheddar cheese.


A goal! We haven’t forgotten what those are, you see. Soon we will show you three or five or ten of them.


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