I Have A Friend

I have a friend who always knows just what to order. She owns all of the cute dresses — half of them with pockets. She doesn’t look dorky when she pairs them with thick tights and patterned socks and would-be clunky boots. She has a smile so big, so unmistakably happy, that you just can’t help but beam right back.

She makes a truly outstanding butternut squash soup — one that looks like it was liberated from a magazine spread. Where you just know everyone tiptoed around it all afternoon long, without daring to dip a spoon. You can hear her twinkling, too much cream — the horror! You can see her rummaging around the fridge for more.


She has bold, beautiful blue eyes. Enough shoes for a small army of size sixes. A really great laugh. You’re sure she goes to the gym, but she never says much about it. You can count on her, instead, to tell you all about the pastry she spent the morning with. Where did the morning go?


She absolutely, 110%, has time for you. She will tell you the number in your bank account doesn’t matter, and the bakery around the corner really does. She will tell you your painting looks fabulous, and would you mind if she framed it.


She will take all of your worries and spread them out and help you shuffle them around. She will look at a few and say, I would cross those off your list. Those shouldn’t even be on your list. Let’s not put those on any list, ever, okay? She will say, you can hold onto this one and this one, but why don’t we just table the rest.

She will tell you to hold out for the boy who is nice to your mother, who makes your father belly laugh. Who will love your crooked sleep beside him. She will listen to you mumble a bunch about how you think you already found him, and how you’re an idiot, and how come yogurt-covered pretzels make it feel so much better. And how come the law of diminishing returns is broken! During this phase, she will send you pretty things that you can’t eat.


She will come over for dinner when you’re very tired, and she will think those things will go together swimmingly, because you made them. She will know what you look like when you’re down to your last two percent, and she won’t be afraid. She will recommend all the bestsellers to you before they become bestsellers, and she will bring you three different solutions when you run out of milk in the morning.


This friend — she is the absolute best remedy for anything getting you down: the cold that you know is catching up, the job search that hasn’t started, the phone that isn’t ringing, the bread that isn’t really rising. She will make you forget it all, in favor of something much more fun. I just love that in a friend.


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