Cake vs. Pie


We haven’t talked about pie in a few weeks. (I apologize.) Did you know I’m still new to pie? I thought I was strictly a cake person. And by that I mean a cream cheese frosting person. I often think of my mom’s when I can’t sleep at night, and drift in its sweetness until morning. Spreadable cheesecake. Take it from me; that’s what dreams are made of.


I’m sure her recipe is nothing too difficult, but I don’t want to learn how to make it myself. It might spoil the magic.

I wonder if you’re a cake or a pie person. I wonder if you like pie for breakfast, and if you would eat it cold, standing over the sink to catch the crumbs. I wonder if you would give me a spoonful, and then another, even if I said, no, thanks though. I wonder if you would swipe hardened frosting from the cake plate when you thought no one was looking, and if you grew up calling sprinkles ‘jimmies.’


If you do not discriminate between cake and pie, between breakfast and dessert…well, I knew I liked you for a reason.

I wonder if you’d laugh at the same things I do, if you’d kiss my nose on a cold day. I wonder if you’d tuck my hands in your pockets and rest your chin on the top of my head. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind a girl who smelled like cinnamon and vanilla. I wonder if you’d tell her that she has flour on her jeans, and if you could make color rise to her cheeks.

I’m discovering that pie speaks to me, to the part of my brain that likes all that is crackly and warm, and what it says is, go on, try me.


You know how I love cake. But pie — pie, I’m still getting to know. The trouble is I have a sneaking suspicion it’s very possible to adore both cake and pie, in equal measure. And combined, perhaps even more than I love my skinny jeans.


The other day I looked up and it was November. It was November, and it tasted just the way I remembered: crisp and colorful. I wonder if we’ve already shared a November, or if ours is still to come.


On the upside (in the meantime), there is pumpkin pie. It’s November, after all. Do you think we could sub cream cheese frosting for whipped cream?



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