Exit Strategies

Can we talk about exit strategies?


This little girl is stuck in her seat because she has a sky-high stack of pancakes balancing on her lap. I can’t relate here too much — mostly because I don’t think I’d be planning my escape if I were in her very tiny shoes. I think I would be plotting how to go about scooting that jug of maple syrup closer without causing a major capsize…but anyway.

I can relate to all the planners of the world — the people who are thinking three, four, and five exit strategies ahead.

We’re going to need one when we go on a date and we’re really only interested in bringing home the remaining roasted pumpkin seeds.

photo copy

We’re going to need one when we go running in the ‘circle’ that is Central Park, after we pass the row boating people way too many times.


We’re going to need one when our co-workers make sugar cookies from scratch and leave a bowl of royal icing within arm’s reach.

photo copy 4

We’re going to need one when we catch ourselves staring dejectedly into the mirror every time we walk by. Why yes, this morning’s bacon and cheese HAS already found a home. Right where our hipbones used to live!


We’re going to need one when we’re smiling and hugging and saying goodbye but we’re really just feeling like bursting into tears.

photo copy 2

We’re going to need one when we wake up one morning and find that we quite desperately want a do-over. Not in every sense of the word, though. We would not want to miss out on the crunchy brioche with strawberry compote that we recently had the pleasure of meeting, after all. But in most of the ways that count.

photo copy 3

We’re going to need one when we feel like we’re rapidly getting further and further away from where we want to go. We never knew exactly where we were off to, but we’re 90% positive that we need to make the nearest legal U-turn.

We’re really going to need an exit strategy when we start letting ourselves feel like we still haven’t figured anything out. That’s just not true. We’ve figured out that baking is the answer to everything ever.


And we’re also pretty sure that we should never stop reading things that make us want to write.


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