The Road Not Taken

I owe you a new recipe. It’s been awhile. I know this – I have my eye on you, and I know that look. It’s the one that says that a complimentary picture of bread and olive oil [with cheese! and red wine!] isn’t going to smooth things over.

photo copy 8

You’re tired of waiting. You’re ready hear about green almond salsa rustica with asparagus or grilled corn and pickled shallot bruschetta – for starters.

Hell, you’re even ready to listen to more life lessons. And actually, anything unrelated to life in NYC sounds like it would be pretty good.

photo copy

Once upon a time, you heard there was four-ingredient ice cream, crustless quiche, coconut chicken curry, and maple-mustard artic char around here.

There was! But now that my pantry is not my mother’s pantry…we’re working with Dijon mustard, questionably cheap balsamic vinegar, and [not extra-virgin] olive oil. Lemons, too – when I remember to buy some.

I’m still cooking; my meals just haven’t been meals that I want you to know about. Exhibit A:

photo copy 7

That dish may or may not be in my regular rotation. In all honesty, my kitchenette has become good for grains, chicken, [consistently overcooked] frozen vegetables, and not much else.

The weekends have become my saving grace. I have salmon every Saturday night. When I master smoking it myself, you’ll be the first to know.

photo copy 6

And Sunday is fun too; Sundays are sample days. There are so many markets here. This week I tried edible flowers and black bass ceviche.

photo copy 5

photo copy 2

I also spent an inordinate amount of time observing pie pops and pretty pasta…

photo copy 3

photo copy 4

And just a little bit more time than I’d like thinking about The Road Not Taken.


A month ago I had a boyfriend and a job waiting for me in the south of France. I’d never ridden on a subway, dealt with a super, or cut a check. I’d never spent any length of time in a big city [couldn’t even have imagined it!], and I’d never taken an un-cushioned risk.

The jury’s still out on whether or not NYC was the right choice – but the struggle feels right. It feels absolutely right, even when it feels absolutely awful.

And when the day-to-day doesn’t feel like so much of a struggle anymore, I’ll get back to recipe writing. I can feel that too. 


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