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Somewhere There Is Someone

Somewhere there is someone making tomato sourdough soup for one. Somewhere there is someone snuggling under a blanket Grandma made. Somewhere there is someone opening a letter signed all the x’s and all the o’s. Somewhere there is someone ordering something to go. Somewhere there is someone giving something a first, second, third chance. Somewhere there … Continue reading

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Closer to the Ground

Can we talk about our feelings again? You know this is my favorite topic. I want to know how you really feel about the kind of people who chirp Happy Monday! The people who practically sing it, like it’s somebody’s birthday or something, and balloons and cake are imminent? Do you generally kind of want … Continue reading

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For an Introvert

Living alone was so hard, in the beginning. I remember getting up to check the lock and give the door a good solid yank, something like 16 times. I remember gulping back tears and thinking you are a grownup and you will be perfectly fine. I remember deciding, sometime during that night-slash-morning, that it actually … Continue reading

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Cards on the Table

I have the feeling that you think I’m a good cook. That you’re convinced I’m 100% at ease in the kitchen, with my Anthropologie apron on. Did I give you this impression on Instagram? I feel like I might have, accidentally. Or maybe it was on Pinterest? Maybe it was the words Well Done that … Continue reading

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Slightly Stumped

Why is it so hard to say what we really want? I guess I should qualify: it’s not always so hard. Example: what I would really like is spring. (Whenever you’re ready, New York. Whenever you’re ready. Although to be fair, this weekend was a good effort.) What I’d like for weather is easy. Voicing what … Continue reading

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Edit Undo

I got an email from a new reader last week. He sent me a list. (There are boys — list-making boys — reading this blog? How strange. And how nice!) It was a very sweet list. I wasted no time filing all eight bullet points under For Whenever You’re Having a Bad Day. He just … Continue reading

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A Late Bloomer

Live alone for long enough, and you will become an excellent people watcher. It’s a good thing to do when you’re lonely. Have you ever felt so lonely that you found yourself just wanting to look at some other people going by? That’s where I am now. Figuratively. I’m actually sitting in a nook in … Continue reading